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Quick Lube

Quick Lube in Sherman, IL

When is an oil change more than just an oil change? When it’s done by 1 Stop Auto Shop, Inc. Our Express Lube division is dedicated solely to providing speedy oil changes to customers in Sherman, Chatham, and Springfield, IL, as well as surrounding areas. Call or stop by either of our locations in Chatham or Sherman for more info.

Quick Lube At 1 Stop Auto Shop, Inc.

Today we are busier than ever. Not only do we have to balance work, and home, but there is that ever-mounting list of errands, activities, and obligations that we never seem to have enough time to complete. Some seem to take precedence over others and some get neglected, but the one we never want to neglect is changing our vehicle’s oil.

Why Changing Our Oil is so Important

Getting your vehicle’s oil changed may not be something you think about. Below is a list of reasons why changing that oil is the most important thing for your car.

  • Lubricating Engine
  • Keeping Internal Engine Components Clean
  • Protect from Varnish and Harmful Deposits
  • Keeping Engine Cool

Without changing the oil, these things can’t happen, so you put your vehicle at risk. 1 Stop Auto Shop, Inc. can help you change that and offer you more than just an oil change in the process. You don’t even need an appointment, and we’ll have you in and out in about 15 minutes.

We’re More than Just an Oil Change

When you come to us for an oil change, you won’t just be getting any old oil change. A quick lube service from our shop comes complete with a 19 point inspection, and Shell/Pennzoil brand oil. Of course, we have other brands to choose from, too. It doesn’t matter if your car runs on conventional or synthetic motor oil—at 1 Stop Auto Shop, Inc. we handle both.

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1 Stop Auto Shop, Inc. in Sherman, IL

Since 2005, 1 Stop Auto Shop, Inc.has been providing auto repairs to customers in Sherman, Chatham, and Springfield, IL, as well as surrounding areas. Our ASE-certified technicians have spent the last 10 years handling repairs that include collision repair, other auto body work, painting, glass repair, replacement, and tinting, brake repairs, and transmission service. Other services we offer include free loaner cars, a quick lube service, and auto detailing. Don't forget to ask about our customer loyalty program to save money on the services you use the most. For high quality auto repairs from a shop you can trust, call 1 Stop Auto Shop, Inc.


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